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For Immediate Release August 5th, 2020

SoundSource 5 Is Sound Control, Reimagined

Boston, MA - Today, we're thrilled to unveil SoundSource 5, a major upgrade. With this update, SoundSource is both more powerful and more refined than ever before.

With SoundSource, users get instant, menu bar access to sound control so good, it ought to be built in to MacOS. Whether it's improving the quality of Zoom calls, providing instant access to audio devices, or cranking up music louder than other audio, SoundSource makes life better for anyone who uses audio on their Macs.

SoundSource 5

Major New Features in SoundSource 5

Here's a quick overview of major changes found in SoundSource 5:

Refined New Interface
The most visible change in SoundSource 5 is its updated look. It now uses less screen space by default, offers an even sleeker Compact view to really save space, and has an updated menu bar icon that always shows volume and mute status. We worked hard to improve every part of the user interface, from top to bottom.

Automatic App Handling
SoundSource now automatically manages its list of audio applications, reducing the need for manual configuration. Now, whenever an app plays audio, it will appear in SoundSource, ready for adjustment.

Useful Menu Bar Meters
Tucked in SoundSource's preferences are new menu bar meter options. These can show activity for the default output device, default input, and any active apps. Even better, they also provide global mute controls, for one-click muting of the microphone or silencing a bothersome app.

Easy Built-In Audio Effects
The ability to easily add effects to any audio on the Mac has proven to be tremendously popular. With version 5, SoundSource takes this to the next level. It's now even simpler to use the 10-band equalizer to enhance audio, and getting the most out of even tiny speakers takes just a click, with the Volume Overdrive and new Magic Boost 2 effects.

Enhanced Support for Audio Unit Effects Too
SoundSource also makes it possible to apply powerful Audio Unit effects to any audio playing from the Mac. In version 5, large AU libraries are easily navigated with built-in Search, and effects can be pinned for global access. SoundSource also now offers support for the newest Audio Unit v3 plugins. 

So Much More
Of course, there's much more to see. SoundSource 5 offers more than two dozen enhancements and bug fixes, detailed in our extensive Release Notes. For existing users, we provide a useful What's New in SoundSource 5 page.

Additional Details

SoundSource runs on MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and up, with a free, fully-functional trial available for download. During the trial, the quality of audio adjusted by SoundSource will be degraded after 20 minutes.

A license to unlock the full version of SoundSource costs just $39, with a special introductory price of $29 through August 31st, 2020.

Finally, users of SoundSource 4 are eligible for a heavily discounted upgrade to version 5. Existing users can learn about what's new on this helpful page.

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