For Immediate Release March 31, 2022

Audio Hijack 4 Features Over 100 Enhancements!

Boston, MA - Following over 5 years of development, Rogue Amoeba is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Audio Hijack 4.0, with an astonishing 107 new additions and improvements. The latest update to our flagship audio recorder brings both powerful new functionality and powerful new interfaces, making its ability to record any audio on your Mac more accessible than ever.

Audio Hijack 4 in action

New and Improved in Audio Hijack 4

We highlight some major changes below, but this update really is huge and we can't fit it all. These links offer more:

Highlighted Changes

Herein, we detail some of what we expect will be the most popular new features in Audio Hijack 4.

New Blocks & Enhanced Blocks
Audio Hijack's blocks capture, record, and manipulate audio, combining to make powerful pipelines. The new version introduces three brand-new blocks: Mixer, Magic Boost, and Simple Compressor. These blocks will help podcasters and improve audio quality for all.

Serious refinements were also made to two dozen existing blocks in Audio Hijack. Blocks including Recorder, Volume, Input Device, and Live Stream have all received big improvements.

Finally, all blocks now offer the ability to save presets for easy configuration and the option to pin them for easy access to settings, no matter what you're doing on your Mac. And with new block nicknames, it's easy to differentiate similar blocks in complex setups.

Light Mode, Background Sessions, Better Templates
From the new Light Mode to the powerful per-session sidebars, every aspect of Audio Hijack's design has been reviewed and reconsidered. Existing users will feel right at home, while appreciating enhancements like the ability to create manual connections and the new global window residing in the menu bar.

Session windows no longer need to be open for Audio Hijack to capture and manipulate audio. It's also now possible to set sessions to run automatically when Audio Hijack launches, with the new “Auto Run” feature. When coupled with “Login Items” in System Preferences, sessions can be set to run at all times.

Meanwhile, new users gain access to Audio Hijack's many powers with less friction than ever. This is especially noticeable with session templates that make it a snap to begin common tasks. We've added four new pre-configured set-ups (“Live Stream”, “Manual Connections”, “Play-Thru”, and “Podcast [Remote]”), and Audio Hijack's existing templates have all been updated with reconfigured pipelines and session notes containing helpful hints.

Scripting & Automation
With an all-new JavaScript engine and API, building programmatically-driven workflows in Audio Hijack is now a reality. Scripts can run automatically when sessions start and stop, and process recordings as they're created. A whole new world of automation is made possible with this ability to manipulate sessions.

Even those not fluent in JavaScript can streamline their usage. The built-in scripts make basic automation possible for anyone, and on MacOS 12 (Monterey), Audio Hijack even integrates with the Shortcuts app.

So Much More
We've counted an absolutely ridiculous 107 new features, enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes in Audio Hijack 4. We encourage everyone to read our What's New page for much more.

Additional Details

Audio Hijack runs on MacOS 12 (Monterey), MacOS 11 (Big Sur), MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and MacOS 10.14 (Mojave), with a free, fully-functional trial available for download. A license to unlock the full version of Audio Hijack costs just $64.

Finally, users of Audio Hijack 3 are eligible for a heavily discounted upgrade to version 4.

Audio Hijack 4 Gallery

We've included an assortment of screenshots for your use.

If you'd like to repost these anywhere, this archive contains full-size versions of all of them.

Example Session: An In-Studio Podcast

Example Session: Preserving a Voice Chat

Example Session: Recording a Web Stream

Audio Hijack's Session List Window

Audio Hijack's Template Chooser Window

Audio Hijack's Script Library Window

Audio Hijack's New Light Mode

The powerful new Mixer block

Audio Hijack's Global Window

Manual Connections in Action

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