It looks like you're currently on (Unknown Platform). Please note, Airfoil for Mac only runs on MacOS.

Upgrade to Airfoil for Mac 5

Move up to Airfoil 5 at a great discount

If you own an older license for Airfoil for Mac, move up to Airfoil 5 at a great discount. Eligible license keys start with KUTA-, TX40-, or SSME-.

You can download a free trial of Airfoil for Mac 5 right from our site. When you're ready to buy, just enter your older Airfoil for Mac license key below. Once it's validated, the discounted upgrade pricing will be automatically applied.

Lost Key? If you don't know your exact license key, don't worry - you can recover it, then come back here to upgrade.

Note: If your existing license key starts with BLUE-, you don't need to pay anything! Just download the latest Airfoil for Mac and enjoy!