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License Information

Our single-user licenses provide access to the software on one or more personally owned machines. Each user needs just one single-user license, regardless of how many machines the software will be used on.

For shared-use environments such as a lab or library, the software can instead be unlocked on a per-machine basis. In these environments, each shared machine would need one license for the software.

For more details, please see this page in our Support center.

Our Refund Policy

We believe that no customer should have to buy software in order to find out how well it works. Thus, our software can be fully evaluated prior to purchase and customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these free trials. You may also seek any needed technical support from us - we answer support emails rapidly and responsively for current and potential customers alike.

If you desire a refund, please contact us within 14 days of your purchase. Because we can not recover the license key, refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis.

Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be summed up with one simple and straight-forward sentence: We don't sell or rent any of your data to third parties, ever, period. Read our full privacy policy here.

Local Taxes and Purchase Currency

Our payment processor (Paddle) is required to collect taxes in many regions. Local taxes may thus be added to the base item price. The tax-inclusive price is always shown prior to purchase.

All charges are made in US dollars. The exact final price is always shown prior to purchase.

For more details, please see this link.

If you own a license for Fission 1, move up to Fission 2 for just $15. Eligible license keys start with KRBA-.

You can download a free trial of Fission 2 right from our site. When you're ready to buy, just enter your older Fission 1 license key below. Once it's validated, the discounted upgrade pricing will be automatically applied.

Lost Key? If you don't know your exact license key, don't worry - you can recover it, then come back here to upgrade.

Note: If your Fission license starts with YELO-, you already own a license for Fission 2, and you don't need to purchase anything. Just download the latest Fission and enjoy!

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