Broadcast Block

With the Broadcast block, you can stream MP3 or AAC audio from your Mac to an internet streaming server powered by Shoutcast or Icecast. It's perfect for running live feeds of podcasts, as well powering internet radio stations and more.

This page provides information on configuring the Broadcast block, as well as other tips.

Configuring Broadcast

The Setup Tab

You'll start by entering your server's details, provided by your streaming host provider, into the Setup tab. Be sure to enter all these details correctly to enable the Broadcast block to connect to your server.

For detailed instructions on connecting to several supported hosts, see the “Notes on Audio Hijack's Broadcast block” article in our Knowledge Base.

You'll also select your desired encoding type in the Setup tab. The Broadcast block supports streaming in either the MP3 or AAC formats. When streaming AAC, Broadcast will intelligently switch to AAC-HE (aka AAC+) at 64 kbps and lower. Check with your hosting provider ensure your encoding settings match their requirements.

All of your settings will be saved between launches. Once the Setup tab is properly configured, you likely won't need to change it.

Tip: Audio Hijack's handy Presets feature makes it easy to save configuration settings for the Broadcast block, then load them into new instances. That way, you won't need to re-enter this information each time you use a Broadcast block. Click to learn more about presets.

The Metadata Tab

At the top of the Metadata tab, you can set general station information like name and genre, which is likely static.

Below that, you can adjust the track titles which will be embedded in your stream and visible to listeners. Audio Hijack can automatically pull metadata information from supported Mac applications, or from a “Now Playing.txt” file. The Title Format field can be customized to adjust which metadata is shown, and even manually edited for use with sources which don't provide metadata.

Broadcast Tab

The Status tab shows current statistics, as you're broadcasting. These stats are reset each time you begin a new broadcast.

Tip: Need to distinguish between multiple Broadcast blocks? Use block nicknames to give each block its own custom name.
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