SoundSource's history

SoundSource is one of Rogue Amoeba's oldest applications, dating all the way back to 2003. Since then, it's had something of a strange history, which we've detailed herein.

SoundSource 1 & 2

Long-time Rogue Amoeba users may recall the original version of SoundSource from the early 2000s. This app was a very simple tool for switching audio devices right from the menu bar. Eventually, MacOS incorporated some of this same functionality into the Volume menu bar control. As a result, we stopped development of SoundSource in 2012.

SoundSource 3

In 2017, we elected to bring SoundSource back. SoundSource 3 returned full control of your audio devices to the menu bar, while also incorporating the play-thru functionality previously found in another retired application, LineIn.

SoundSource 4

In 2019, we overhauled SoundSource dramatically, and turned it into a full-fledged audio control solution.

With SoundSource 4, audio can now be controlled on a per-application basis, adjusting an app's relative volume or muting it entirely, and controlling exactly where audio plays. Any audio can also be improved with effects like Magic Boost, our beloved 10-band Lagutin Equalizer, and even advanced Audio Unit effects. And of course, SoundSource still provides fast access to the settings your Mac's audio devices offer. Experience the magic of SoundSource, and see why we say this is sound control so good, it ought to be built in to MacOS.

Removal of Play-Thru

One item worth noting for previous users, the play-thru functionality that was added in SoundSource 3 is no longer part of SoundSource 4. This feature was removed because it was no longer a good fit for the new direction SoundSource took with version 4.

Previous users can continue using SoundSource 3 for their play-thru needs on MacOS 10.11-10.14. Though it is no longer for sale, those with valid SoundSource 3 licenses can download SoundSource 3.1.2 from our Legacy page.

Though we are no longer selling a product explicitly aimed at providing audio play-thru, it is possible to use Audio Hijack for play-thru. This article provides more details on using Audio Hijack's play-thru functionality.

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