Welcome to Audio Hijack

With Audio Hijack, you can record any audio you can hear on your Mac. That includes audio streaming over the web, as well as audio from local applications and physical audio devices like microphones. Whether you want to record a podcast or archive streaming radio from the web, Audio Hijack is here to help.

Getting Started

This manual provides you with a useful overview of the application, including an outline of the interface, as well as details on using the application. We recommend a quick read-through, but you can also just dive in if you like. Refer back to this online manual for assistance at any time, right from Audio Hijack's Help menu.

Additional Assistance

The following resources will supplement a read-through of the manual and help you get the answers you need.

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Visit the Audio Hijack Support Center

Our searchable Audio Hijack Support Center provides answers to common questions, as well as tutorials, tricks, and more.

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Email Support

Rogue Amoeba's top-notch Support team is always ready to assist, both before and after purchase. Select Contact Support in the Help menu to get in touch. We're amazingly responsive, and strive to reply within 24 hours.

Information for Users of Previous Versions

If you've used Audio Hijack before, this information should prove helpful.

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Release Notes

The Release Notes window always provides a comprehensive list of improvements and fixes made to Audio Hijack. Access it from the in-app Help menu.

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Upgrading to Audio Hijack 3

If you purchased a license for any previous version of Audio Hijack, you're eligible for a heavily discounted upgrade to Audio Hijack 3.

See the What's New page to read about updates in version 3.