Keyboard Controls

To make lightning-fast adjustments to your audio, SoundSource can be controlled entirely from your keyboard. This page provides a comprehensive overview of the keyboard controls available in SoundSource.

Show SoundSource

With the Show SoundSource global hotkey, you can bring SoundSource forward from anywhere on your Mac. Doing so will place focus on the SoundSource window, enabling you to view the current settings and use additional keyboard controls to adjust them.

The global hotkey can be configured in the Preferences.

General Navigation

When SoundSource's main window is in focus, several controls will work to navigate around the application's main window:

Cycle through visible controls Tab, Shift-Tab
Adjust selected control Spacebar
Move selected slider (Standard increment) ,
Move selected slider (Large increment) Shift-←, Shift-→
De-select current item Escape (Esc)
Select default output device Cmd-0
Select default input device Cmd-Hyphen (-)
Select favorite application Cmd-1 through Cmd-9

Item-Specific Navigation

When an individual item is selected in the top-level list, the following keyboard controls can also be used on it:

Increase volume Cmd-↑
Decrease volume Cmd-↓
Mute/Unmute Shift-Cmd-↓
Open Effects area
Close Effects area
Remove selected effect Cmd-Delete
Jump to Effects list Cmd-E
Bypass Effects Opt-Cmd-B
Toggle selected effect on/off Cmd-B
Move selected item up in list Option-↑
Move selected item down in list Option-↓

Additional Keyboard Controls

Whenever SoundSource's main window is in focus, several additional shortcuts will also work.

Open Preferences Cmd-,
Close Window Cmd-W
Quit SoundSource Cmd-Q
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