SoundSource's preferences can be accessed from the Options (Gear) menu in the upper-right corner of SoundSource's main window.

General Preferences

The General tab of SoundSource's Preferences window


Start SoundSource at login: Turn this option on to have SoundSource run automatically when you login to your computer. SoundSource will then be able to provide uninterrupted audio adjustment and access to your sound controls. We strongly recommend turning this on!

Global Hotkey

Show SoundSource: Use this setting to configure a global keyboard shortcut which will immediately bring SoundSource to the foreground. This makes it easy to adjust settings, right from your keyboard.

Software Update

Automatically check for software updates: With this option activated, SoundSource compares itself to the most current version available from our server and alerts you when a new version is available. Leave this on and SoundSource will help you stay up-to-date.

To initiate a check manually, click the Check for Updates… button.

Audio Preferences

The Audio tab of SoundSource's Preferences window

Audio Processing

Latency: This slider can be used to reduce latency while monitoring live audio.

The default Automatic setting is recommended for most users. Setting this to Lower Latency can reduce or remove audio processing delay, which may be heard as a slight echo when monitoring live audio. However, this setting increases the chance of audio skips under high CPU load or on slower computers.

Keyboard Volume Controls

Super Volume Keys: Activating this option will allow your keyboard volume keys to adjust any audio device you set as the System Output, even if the device does not support it on its own.

For more details, please see this article.

Appearance Preferences

The Appearance tab of SoundSource's Preferences window

Theme Selector: This setting dictates how SoundSource will appear, with a choice between a Light theme and a Dark theme.

The default Match System setting follows the OS-wide Appearance setting for Light or Dark Mode. You can alternately force SoundSource to use the Light or Dark theme, regardless of your system-wide settings.

This manual uses the Light theme for all screenshots, but you can easily try either theme. SoundSource's appearance will update immediately when you adjust this setting.

SoundSource's Light theme

SoundSource's Dark theme

Follow System “Accent” Color: When turned on, SoundSource's appearance will change to follow the accent color you have configured in the “General” System Preference.

SoundSource's interface, following the system's Blue Accent color

Menu Bar Meters

A small icon and meter pair will appear in the menu bar for each of the checked items, to visually show audio activity.

SoundSource's menu bar meters in action, for the default output device, default input device, and an active application (Music)

Be sure to read the Menu Bar Controls page for additional information on these meters.

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