Accessing SoundSource

SoundSource is what’s known as a “menu bar application”. It lives entirely in the Mac’s menu bar. Unlike more traditional applications, SoundSource does not appear in your Dock, nor in the Command-Tab application switcher.

Menu Bar Access

To access SoundSource from anywhere, just click its icon. You can find it in the upper-right corner of your screen, near the clock:

SoundSource’s Menu Bar Icon

No matter what application you’re currently using, clicking SoundSource’s icon will reveal its main window.

Standard View

SoundSource’s Main Window

From here, you can access all parts of the application, adjusting audio settings as desired.

Compact View

SoundSource’s Compact View

While SoundSource’s Standard view is streamlined by default, you can slim things down further with the Compact view seen above.

SoundSource’s View Toggle

To switch between Standard and Compact views, click the toggle button in the upper left.

For additional information on SoundSource and the menu bar, see the Menu Bar Controls page.

Floating Access

SoundSource’s main window can be pinned, as can its effects popovers. When a window is pinned, it will stay open, floating above other windows on your screen. To pin a window, click the Pin button:

SoundSource’s Pin Button

When you click the Pin button in the main window, SoundSource will detach from the menu bar, enabling you to drag it to your desired location on screen. You can also tear off and pin to an exact location, by clicking and dragging a window to wherever you’d like.

To close a pinned window, click the Pin button again to unpin it. It will return to its standard location for later access.

Keyboard Access

Finally, SoundSource can be accessed and controlled via the keyboard. When the configurable global keyboard shortcut is pressed, SoundSource’s main window will come forward and receive focus, enabling you to see your current settings, and adjust them.

SoundSource’s Global Shortcut Setting

To set SoundSource’s global keyboard shortcut, open the Preferences window and change the Show SoundSource setting.

For a comprehensive overview on controlling SoundSource from the keyboard, be sure to read the Keyboard Controls page.

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