Per-App Adjustments

The lower half of SoundSource's main window provides audio control over applications. Here, SoundSource automatically lists any apps which are currently producing audio, or have done so in the last 15 seconds.

The Applications Area

Per-Application Audio Controls

Using the per-application controls, you can adjust the volume level of a specific app relative to others, or mute an application entirely. You can also control where audio plays, so different applications play audio through distinct outputs.

Basic Per-Application Controls

The basic controls for application adjustments are as follows:

  • (A) Mute Control: Click this to mute an application entirely. It also shows a general volume level, indicated by the number of waves coming out of the speaker

  • (B) Volume Slider: This slider allows you to adjust the level of audio played by the application.

  • (C) Magic Boost: Clicking this button turns on Magic Boost, discussed in more detail on the Audio Effects page.

  • (D) Level Meter: This meter provides a visual representation of audio as it plays.

  • (E) Output Device Selector: With this menu, you can optionally redirect audio, changing the physical device through which the application's sound is played.

  • (F) Hide/Show Effects: This control toggles the visibility of the Effects area, and also shows an indicator when audio effects are being applied. See the Audio Effects page for more details.

Per-Application Audio Effects

From an application's Effects area, you can apply audio effects.

Per-Application Effects

Two built-in plugins, Volume Overdrive and the 10-Band Equalizer, are added to each application automatically. Their default settings make no change to the audio, but you can easily configure them to overdrive the volume or adjust output. With the Add Effect menu, you can also add third-party Audio Unit effects.

For more details on adjusting audio, see the Audio Effects page.

Favorite Applications

In addition to showing applications which are currently producing audio, or have recently done so, SoundSource's Applications list can be configured to show Favorites. Applications marked as Favorites will be kept at the top of the Applications list at all times.

In this image, Music is set as a Favorite

When you first run SoundSource, it automatically adds several common applications to its Favorites for easy configuration.

Adding Favorites

You can add applications to the Favorites area in one of two ways. For applications which are currently producing audio, you can click the star next to the application's name. This will also keep it in the Favorites area.

The “Favorites” Toggle

To add other applications from your Mac, use the Add Favorite menu.

The “Add Favorites” Menu

Select the desired application, and it will be kept in the Favorites area.

Removing Favorites

It's also easy to remove an application from the Favorites area.

Click the Favorites toggle to remove an application

Click the star next to an application to remove it from the Favorites area. The application will then appear in SoundSource only when its producing audio.

Contextual Menu Control

Control-clicking an application in SoundSource's Applications list will reveal a contextual menu, containing several additional options.

Disable Metering

When this option selected for an application, the corresponding level meter in SoundSource's main window will be disabled, and will not show audio activity. If the Active Applications menu bar meter setting is enabled in Preferences, the application's meter will remain visible, but it will cease to show audio activity.

Bypass Effects

When this option is enabled, all effects processing for the selected application will be disabled. For more details, see the Audio Effects page's Bypass Effects section.

Reset “<Application Name>” to Default Settings

Adjustments made to an application's audio settings within SoundSource are stored automatically, then applied whenever that application produces audio. Selecting this option will fully reset an application and remove all adjustments SoundSource is applying.

After you reset an application, SoundSource will not adjust its audio in any way until you again instruct it to do so.

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